Is it worth to hide debts that are consolidated from loved ones?

Czy warto ukrywać długi przed bliskimi?

We do not talk about debts most often. We think that they are a reason to be ashamed, which is why we skip this topic, even among the closest family. Hiding debts is, however, a hot topic for discussion – is it worth doing? Or maybe it’s better to discover all the cards right away? Can concealing information about debts give us trouble?

Possession of consolidated debt is nothing bad or abnormal – many of us have loans and loans , often for several dozen years. When we repay our commitments regularly, we have nothing to fear.

However, when we do not deal with the problem, we usually start to hide it from loved ones. This is primarily due to the fact that having unpaid debts is considered a cause for shame, as a sign that we do not deal with our lives because we can not earn enough money to cover our obligations.

What are the risks of debtors?

People who have difficulty paying their loans or loans are highly exposed to the so-called debt spiral. It appears when we take out new loans to cover our existing debts. As a result, there are more and more of them, they start to weigh, and debt does not decrease.

Of course, there are other consequences of consolidated debt that is difficult to pay off. P is a permanent stress that affects your health, for example it can cause heart problems, sores, insomnia, and even depression that can lead to suicidal thoughts. The indebted person becomes more introverted, has difficulty in normal contacts with the environment. There are even cases of divorce when the other spouse suddenly learned about the huge indebtedness of his other half.

Long – hide it or not?

It all depends on the nature of the debt. When we do not have any repayment difficulties or we know that we will be able to get out of the temporary financial hole, in such a situation we usually do not have to inform our relatives and not to worry about them. Naturally, this does not mean that we can not tell them about it when we share information about their lives with them on a daily basis.

However, if the loans are drawn like a loop around your neck, look for help. It’s best to tell your relatives about the situation. When they show understanding, then the solutions to the problem can be found together. In addition, saying about him close is a great relief, which is why we will feel better then.

It is worth using professional help

Let’s also remember that if debts appear, we can consult other people who have experience in this area. We can look for help, among others, in foundations and other organizations dealing with debtors’ help – their addresses can be found on the Internet.

Professional help will be very useful when we do not know how to sort out debt, what to pay first, we need support in preparing letters for banks, loan companies or debt collection companies. In organizations of this type, we will use the support of experts, including lawyers and psychologists.

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